Thanks to our secretary pro-temps, Jan Tacy, for taking the minutes at the July 8th meeting.  You will find them published under the documentation tab and then under minutes.

At last night’s County Council meeting the recommendation of the Capital Project Sales Tax Commission was tabled.  The County Council has asked the members to go back and rework their proposal with the main thrust to be roads.  All council members stated that they have heard from their constituents that the deplorable condition of the roads is a  major complaint in all parts of Lancaster County.  Since time is of the essence, there was also a first reading passed in “title only” to consider a 1% transportation tax which could only be used for roads.  This would be the fall back in the event the Commission does not come up with something suitable at the next County Council meeting on July 28th.  Otherwise, the opportunity to place the issue on the ballot in November will be lost and the tax will go away.  Hopefully, the Commission has received the message that, although libraries are an important part of any community, there must be priorities and infrastructure is first.  The communication system for public safety was also high on the list for most council members.

You still have time to make your feelings known at the next Council meeting.  Please speak up now or don’t complain if you are not happy with the outcome.

Capital Project Sales Tax committee recommendations

The article that just appeared in the Lancaster News makes me wonder if I was at the same meetings as the committee members.  The article states  in part _

Local road repairs, library upgrades and new emergency radios will be included in a November ballot question to reauthorize the county’s 1 cent capital project sales tax should the proposals pass muster with Lancaster County Council. The commission will present its decision to County Council on Monday, July 7.(sic) actual date is July 14.


The unanimous vote Monday by a quorum of four commissioners followed discussion as to which priority projects could both be funded by the estimated $37.5 million in tax revenue and have the most benefit for county residents. Commission chairman Larry Durham said the decision was not easy, but he was satisfied with the result.“I’m very pleased with what we’ve done,” Durham said after the meeting. “Last meeting, we talked about each of the proposals, and asked which are the highest priority. That’s how we came up with the list,” 

During discussion, all but Cureton said they felt roads should be a significant portion of the equation, as did Hoover, who recommended spending $30 million on roads and the remaining revenue on the sheriff’s lab, Chromebooks and select parks and recreation renovations. Cureton said she wanted to see the emergency radio and library projects fully funded and was otherwise amenable to anything else.

Though the sheriff’s drug lab and Chromebooks for at least third through fifth grades were popular choices, the commission ultimately reached consensus on a roughly 45/55 split of $16,675,000 for roads and $20,828,000 to fund the new radio system and library projects. The proposed $12,828,000 library projects includes construction of a new Lancaster County Main Library, a new roof for the Kershaw Satellite Library and expansions at both the Kershaw and Del Webb Library of  Indian Land, among other improvements. The $8 million radio project will replace the county’s severely outdated and poorly operating analog radio system..

 After the meeting, commissioners said they could not have completed the project without the input of the public, which they said helped them determine which projects were most critical. “Listening to the public was the machine that drove this,” Murphy said. “By us talking about their suggestions between ourselves and others after the meetings, we were able to prioritize.” “We had to look at needs. I think they’re absolutely right about listening to the public,” Rushing said. “Just like when I was working, sometimes you’ve got to make hard decisions. It may not be popular with everyone, but you’ve got to make a decision.”

This decision, in my view, does not reflect the wishes of our citizens – although many worthy projects were mentioned, the strongest drum beat was roads, roads, roads.  So, now we have less than 1/2 of the estimated revenue going for roads?  This cannot and should not be tolerated. The article states that all but one member wanted a significant portion to be spent on roads.  What happened to change this?  Please come to the next County Council meeting on July 14th to express your opinion.  I for one will not vote for this project as it now stands.



Preview for Tuesday, July 8, 2014 ILAC meeting 7PM IL Rec Center

Don’t forget!  This is our first meeting taking place on the Second Tuesday of each month from now on.  Please join us.

Spotlight on Business will feature Marie Chamberlain, co-owner of  The Southern Nest, 6280 Carolina Commons Drive, behind the Red Bowl restaurant.

Featured Speaker:  Melissa Prince, City of Light, Inspiration Ministries

“You’ve all seen the INSP/Inspiration campus on 521 and probably wondered what all goes on there.  Melissa Prince, Director of Corporate Communications, will be answering that question, and more.  Her presentation will provide an overview of the family-friendly television network, INSP (available in almost 80 million U.S. homes) Inspiration Ministries, La Familia Cosmovision, MediaComm, Moments and other activities emanating from their international headquarters in Indian Land.”

Updates on local issues from District 7 Councilman, Brian Carnes.

Queensbridge item withdrawn

We have been notified that the Agenda for the Planning Commission’s meeting on June 17, 2014, will not include the issue involving Pulte’s request to “reconsider” the Queensbridge PDD.  We are not sure exactly what this means at this time, but we are hopeful this will be resolved with the 50′ undisturbed buffer left in the agreement as originally promised.  We will keep you posted if new developments occur.

To review the minutes of last night’s ILAC meeting, click on documentation, and then click on minutes.

Queensbridge subdivision!

I am posting the request ILAC has received from an abutter to the Subdivision planned on Collins Road.  Mr. Gary Holland has been struggling with this issue and has been trying in every way to resolve this as was originally promised.  He will be at our meeting on Monday, 6/16/14.  Please come to show your support or get more information, or, as he has suggested below call or email those involved.

Dear Citizen would you be willing to make a phone call or send an email to our Lancaster County Officials prior to the June 17 Planning Commission Meeting? The commissioners plan to reconsider their decision from January 21, 2014 at the request of Pulte Home Corporation (Queensbridge Subdivision).

If you are willing, see contact information below:

  1. Call the Planning Department at 803-285-6005 and:
    1. Voice your full support for the Planning Commission on the decision they made on January 21, 2014, approving with Conditions a 50 foot undisturbed buffer for the Queensbridge Subdivision.
    2. Ask that the Planning Commission NOT reconsider their decision from January 21, 2014, because their decision was final and there is an unresolved law suit pending.
  2. Email the Planning Department and the Planning Commissioner’s (see addresses below) and:
    1. Communicate your full support for the Planning Commission on the decision they made on January 21, 2014, approving with Conditions a 50 foot undisturbed buffer for the Queensbridge Subdivision.
    2. Ask that the Planning Commission NOT reconsider their decision from January 21, 2014, because their decision was final and there is an unresolved law suit pending.

Contact Information:

Planning Director: Penelope Karagounis – pkaragounis@lancastercountysc.net

Planning Commission Members:

Ron Pappas District 1 – rpappas@earthlink.net

Vedia Hatfield District 2 – snail mail only 200-A Clinton Ave, Lancaster, SC 29720

Charles Keith Deese District 3 Chairman – ckhammer1@yahoo.com

S. Keel Kelly District 4 – keelk@comporium.net

Tommy Dabney District 5 – tad@comporium.net

Jerry Holt District 7 – jerryholt813@gmail.com



For more information contact Gary Holland cell 803-493-4950 or gmholland@comporium.net

Preview of June 16, 2014 ILAC meeting 7PM IL Rec Center


Call to Order and Welcome                                 Wanda Rosa

Pledge of Allegiance                                           William McCoy

Invocation                                                          Wanda Rosa

Treasurer’s Report                                              William McCoy

Approval of Minutes         Last month’s minutes will be available for review prior to meeting.

Spotlight on New Business:  New restaurant – Cruizin Reubenz  located near the Publix SuperMarket on 521.

Speaker:  Joshua Langen, Lancaster County Economic Development Corporation, will speak about the preparation of a new 5 year Economic Development Strategic Plan this year after having completed most of the goals and strategies from the 2009 EDSP.  The updated Plan will assist the LCEDC in assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to our County and will also include goals and strategies to address those issues. Public input sessions will be held throughout the year to illustrate completed Plan components and to solicit input from different communities. For additional information their website is www.lancsterscworks.com

Local issue:  The Queensbridge development is of concern to one of our residents on Collins Road.  Gary Holland will bring us up to date on the latest developments.

Old Business

New Business



Yes, Overlay 3rd reading IS on Monday, June 9, 2014

Contrary to the listing in the newspaper, the third reading to approve the overlay district for Rtes 521 and 160 in the Panhandle will be on June 9, 2014. The County Council meeting  begins at 6:30PM at the County Administration Bldg., 101 N.Main Street.  We will be at the meeting before 6:15 to sign up for Citizens Comments because we want to support the planning commission in their effort to bring the overlay to life after so many years.  Recently, Ron Pappas, District 1 planning commissioner, spoke before our body and held up the original corridor study that was done through a State grant back in 2010.  This has been his bible in working with the commission to come up with a common sense plan to control unrestrained growth here.  Among many other things,  we want to keep the beauty that is left in Indian Land by not allowing “clear cutting” of trees that would otherwise provide a buffer both pleasing to the eye and environmentally sound.  We want pedestrian walkways, less traffic lights, maintained median strips, to name a few of the issues involving our community.  Please come and let the Council know how you feel about this important issue.

Notice to members – Change of dates!

The Indian Land Action Council will change meeting dates in July!

Since we have been in conflict a number of times with County Council, because of Monday holidays, we will be holding our meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning in July.  Since the primary election is June 10th, we cannot change until then since the Rec Center where we meet is also a polling place.  So, our next meeting is on June 16th(3rd Monday) and then on July 8th(2nd Tuesday).

For those of you who were planning to attend the Library Board meeting on June 2nd, you are too late!  According to Rita Vogel, Director, the meeting was held already.  The Carolina Gateway had listed the June 2nd date in their May 28th issue because that was the information they had, so please do not make the effort to go.  Their next meeting will be on July 29, 2014, as they are shifting their meetings to the last Tuesday of every other month.

Preview of May 19, 2014 ILAC meeting 7PM IL Rec Center


Call to order and Welcome:  Wanda Rosa

Pledge of Allegiance:  Ken Eisel

Invocation:  Wanda Rosa

Treasurer’s Report:  William McCoy

Approval of Minutes:  Last month’s minutes will be available for review at sign in table

Speaker:  Melissa Morrison, Long Term Care Ombudsman, from the Catawba Area Agency on Aging will be speaking about the services offered to seniors in Chester, Lancaster, Union and York counties.  She will explain how they connect our older adults, persons with disabilities and family members to options, services and support.

Updates on issues of local interest

Old Business

New Business